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Friday, June 4, 2010

Flower Seedlings Inventory 2010

While I was largely successful with my vegetable seedlings, my flowers seedlings did not thrive quite so well.  I wish I had take pics today for proof.... nuts.  Admittedly, I did give my vegetable seeds more attention since their success will cut my grocery bill.  So the flowers were not necessarily planted on their recommended dates and planted in cell packs rather than soil blocks. 
The zinnias are a few inches tall, but most are only a couple inches tall. I'm a little concerned that they won't survive/thrive the planting.  They have been outdoors in pots for a few weeks now, so I guess this is as good a time as any. 

I hope to plant them this weekend, and am trying to figure out what goes where according to height, spacing, and light requirements.  I'm also documenting what has survived for future reference.  Perhaps I'll just do veggies by seed next winter/spring...  We'll see....

So this planting planning summary is not terribly interesting reading.. my apologies :D  Perhaps this cutie-pie ocean pics will help....

Some flower seedlings that actually survived:

Marigold - Durango Outback Mix
8-12" height

Angel's Trumpet Datura - double yellow
16-20" height, spacing 2-3'

Ornamental Kale
24" height, full sun, 4" apart, horizontal support

Amaranth:  Strawberry Fields
24" height, 6-8" spacing, full sun
Serenade Mix - China Aster
25-34" height, 6-12" spacing, full sun, support

Cramers' burgundy Celosia
30-36" height, 6-12" spacing, full sun, horizontal netting advised, no fertilizer

Pampas Plume Celosia
33-48" height, 6-12" spacing, netting, no fertilizer

Giant Dahlias: 40-50", 9-12" apart, full sun, no support, do not disturb roots
Creamy Yellow

Ornamental Grass:  Love Grass ?
Morning Glory
Cardinal Climber - 72-120"
President Tyler - 72-96"
Hyacinth Bean - Ruby Moon
10-20', full sun, 12" spacing, trellis/support

Sunflower Collection:

Cosmos:  Sea Shells
40-48" height, 9-12" spacing,

Hopefully I'll have plenty of flower pics over the next few weeks!!!  If I don't spend too much time at the ocean, that is....

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