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My name is Cherie and I live in Southern Maine with my husband and two young children. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and still have about 10k in remaining student loans to prove it. I left the field of practice three years ago, so this is not the place to be posting any suicide notes, okay? But if you want to hear about my garden and my gremlins, my pests and my problems, well then you just sit right down and read on!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Planting Seeds for Sanity

Well HELLLOOOOOO Blogosphere! My name is Cherie and I am a 41 year old mom of two, a wife, a former psychotherapist, and a home gardener: thus my blog name. The Funny Farm is a not-so-politically correct reference to a psychiatric hospital.  Catch the humor?  Anywho...  This morning I was researching some gardening information and found some wonderful blogs out there - Kudos! It's really cool to see people willing to share their ideas, pics, thoughts, and struggles - both personally and botanically. Then I thought - Hey! I want to do that too!

Growing up in Maine, I had a lot of gardening responsibilities. My Dad (you'll hear more Funny Farmish references in the future when it comes to my family of origin!) worked full time at various jobs and kept two large vegetable gardens at home. Back then gardening was a chore that interrupted my play time. In my 20's I did a LOT of playing, studied Psychology, was an occasional client, and did virtually no gardening.  While apartment dwelling in my 30's, I worked at a Community Mental Health agency for 6 years, had a private practice for 6 years (I know, I know, my math isn't exactly accurate), was one again a client, and did some co-op gardening with my fellow apartment mates. I started to find that gardening and fun need not be mutually exclusive.

Now in my early 40's and finally a homeowner just 6 years ago (I'm starting to see a theme here...), I now have my own little piece of earth for perennials and more serious veggie gardening. I left the mental health field as a practitioner (still a client), and now find that gardening is a huge part of keeping my own sanity.  My baby boy just turned six, my baby girl turns 2 this weekend, and now I am thinking that my dad probably would have been even crazier had he not worked his land. 

Spring time is perfect for planting seeds - both literally and figuratively. Perhaps it's the six year thing?  I am virtually unemployed as is my husband, in weekly therapy, and my kids and seedlings are thriving.  I have put compost into my four 4x8 raised beds and just "rented" a 25x25 co op space.  I have tiny tomatoes, peppers, husk cherries, broccoli, and various flowers in my windowsill.  There are MANY more seeds packets awaiting germination.  And for today's latest venture....  I am now a blogger.  Here's to springtime and new beginnings!  Welcome to my blog, my garden, my family, and the bats in my belfry.!

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