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My name is Cherie and I live in Southern Maine with my husband and two young children. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and still have about 10k in remaining student loans to prove it. I left the field of practice three years ago, so this is not the place to be posting any suicide notes, okay? But if you want to hear about my garden and my gremlins, my pests and my problems, well then you just sit right down and read on!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Planting Ponderings

I'm still post-op-sitting and haven't required the heavy-hitting-street-value-medications since last night.  The hubby and the kids are off to a TBall game, and I am wondering how I can schlep my seedlings from their current inside location to the deck for the day.  I pulled a laundry hamper across two rooms this morning, so I guess where there is a will....'s 10 day forecast, which I visit frequently as of late, predicts the following night time lows for my location: Sat 46, Sun 45, Mon 49, Tues 51, Wed 49, Thurs 57, Fri 53, Sat 53, Sun 52, and Mon 54.  I think I recall reading that I don't want night time temps lower than 45 degrees before planting my babies outside.  With this forecast, I'm inclined to plant by on Tuesday if I am feeling well enough.  Of course, next full moon is not until a week fter that, the 27th, which could bring some colder temps.  Curve ball.

So I'll keep schlepping (pushing, pulling, dragging) my babies to the deck for marching practice in anticipation of graduation ceremonies, the date which still is yet to be determined.  While I am sitting, sitting, sitting... I will consult my gardening books (housewife porn, as my hubby calls it) for more clues about the big day.  And when that day comes, my brand new $5 clearance gardening boots will be ready, too :D

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